Spring Summer Fashion Week

When you buy sausages and bacon, you must "see, touch, smell"

Sausage bacon is widely loved because of its unique flavor. With sausage bacon on the Chinese New Year table, it will look more "year-old". Economic Daily-China Economic Network Fashion Channel learned that in order to help consumers to buy and taste healthy and safe wax ...

Jiangsu Market Supervision and Administration Bureau: Carefully check the nameplate when buying a humidifier

In winter, the weather is very dry and many households use humidifiers. According to the Economic Daily-China Economic Network fashion channel, humidifiers can be divided into three types: electric humidifiers, ultrasonic humidifiers and pure humidifiers. China's humidifier market ...

Healthy start-up diet is important

In a blink of an eye, it is the annual Spring Festival. The special festive atmosphere makes the diet and daily life during the Spring Festival very different from usual. Eat and drink, and hardly exercise the Chinese New Year dinner, eat a balanced meal, pay attention to a balanced meal ...

Can you eat more if you eat more, and eat less? Our stomachs are not so casual

People often say that the best way to lose weight is to “hold your mouth and stretch your legs”, but due to many reasons such as stressful work, faster life or lack of perseverance, many people who are overweight and obese can hardly use it correctly. of...

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Allergy test before hair dyeing

New year and new weather, many people will dye their hair before the Spring Festival to dress themselves. Li Zhenhua, the chief physician of the dermatology department of the Academia Sinica, reminded that people with allergies are better not to dye their hair. Healthy people need to do a contact allergy test before dyeing their hair.

Jiangsu Provincial Market Supervision and Administration Releases Tips on Food Consumption for Spring Festival

The Spring Festival is coming soon, and new year's goods will start to be stored. There will also be various non-stop dinners. Economic Daily-China Economic Network Fashion Channel recently learned that in order to help consumers spend a comfortable and peaceful Spring Festival, Jiangsu Province Market Supervision ...

Chinese New Year's Outbound Travel Outbound

Outbound travel: Chinese New Year's goods. Private beaches, catering, swimming, hot springs, fitness and other special items, not only ensure the privacy of tourists on vacation, but also avoid the tourist boat and car tow, "one-stop" meets Chinese tourists ...

Mengwa is obese, beware of psychological problems

The happiest children during Chinese New Year are children, because they can let go of their belly to eat. With the eyes of the little Meng baby at home, the weight of the baby is rising, many parents are anxious. However, medicine has shown that overweight children are more likely to develop type 2 diabetes in adulthood ...

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    Yang Yilin's "Love Refining" MV premiere witch with short hair and smoky makeup to refine love

    Yang Linlin sang the classic suite and the new songs "Clean Up" and "Refining Love" at the New Year's Eve party. Her clear voice was well received. "Refining Love" remakes the rhythm and rendering power, making fans plead for MV online and sing the love together. In the new year, Yang Linlin also lived up to expectations. The MV for "Refining Love" was officially launched on January 9!

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    Liang Hongli's cool photo exposure is modern and full of tone

    Recently, a group of new-generation singer Liang Hongli released a photo. He wore an olive-colored old shirt with denim trousers, and tied a white sweater at the waist as an embellishment. The elegant style was fashionable and handsome, and he was full of youth and modern. In the photo, his eyes were deep and determined, and his eyes were radiated toward the lens. His skinny side face and smooth jaw line exuded a cold temperament, which was extremely expressive.

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    Sun Yan's "Fashion and Health" blockbuster lazy handsome eyes pure warming early winter

    Recently, a group of Sun Yu's fashion shoot for the 20th anniversary of "Fashion Health" magazine was exposed. In the photo, Sun Wei is wearing a long blue striped knit dress, which is placed among the trees and fruits. The slightly curly front fringe is matched with a variety of styles. The makeup is changed from the previous elegant style, retro and charming. Between the eyebrows of the blurred deep tunnel, there is a unique atmosphere of lazy elegance but full of charm. In the lens conversion room, she either dressed in white jumpsuits with black leather boots, or under a landscape house, wearing a retro classic checkered suit, hugging the sweet pet "Cow" at home, showing her friendship. Sometimes playful, sometimes showing a neutral charm that is as confident and calm as a working woman. With her hands raised, Sun Yan's warm smile from time to time is extremely infectious and instantly warms the cold winter scent, just like the second drama with the director of Anjian's new drama "The Man Who Sells a House". Fang Sijin, although the professional self-confidence performance is the highest, but actually has a hot and warm heart, as Sun Ye ’s understanding of the role "like a warm orange, hard-working people, giving a very warm feel".

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    Zhou Dongyu Deng electronic issue the first issue of the silver gray inch-like future war Ji

    Recently, Zhou Dongyu appeared on the cover of the "MiniBAZAAR" issue and turned into a sci-fi girl, wearing a silver metal suspender skirt, silver-gray inch head, broken eyebrow makeup, full of science fiction and future. This group of blockbusters was shot by Chen Man, and once again developed a new Zhou Dongyu, boldly trying to dare to break through, and an alternative style appeared in Zhou Dongyu's body.

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    GRACE CHEN to let the world know the beauty of China, to launch the next decade

    On December 21, GRACE CHEN's 10th Anniversary Ceremony & GRACE CHEN The Perfect Woman 2020 Early Spring Haute Couture Collection was grandly held at Park Hyatt Beijing Yintai Center. Guests attending the press conference include Yang Lan, Chairman of Sunshine Media Group, Zhou Ping, a famous architect, Qiuting Qiu, a famous dance artist, Zhang Qinghui, Chairman of the China Fashion Designers Association, Ma Shengjie, Secretary of the Party Committee of Beijing Institute of Fashion, Jia Ronglin, Dean of Beijing Institute of Fashion, and daughter of Grace Chen Gao Ding designer Maxine and others.

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